Giving Incentives:

Level 1: $10: Digital Download

Level 2: $25: Digital Download +

        Hard Copy of the CD

Level 3: $50: All of the Above + Digital

        Download of Demo Songs

Level 4: $100: All of the Above +

        30 Minute Guitar/Piano Lesson

        (Limited to the First Three Givers)

Level 5: $150: Levels 1-3 + I’ll Make a   

        High Quality Video of Your 


        (Limited to the First Three Givers)

Level 6: $250: Levels 1-3 + Me and My

        Guitar with a Night of Worship at

        Your House or Mine

        (Limited to the First Three Givers)


Wycliffe Bible Translators work all around the world to provide unreached people groups with Scripture in their native tongue. About 180 million people worldwide do not have access to Scripture in their own language. More than 90 countries benefit from Wycliffe's efforts. Currently, those still in need of translation represent minority languages within small people groups. Many of these groups struggle to maintain their own identity behind the shadow of the majority culture, and many of these are not written languages. Those with written languages often struggle to gain literacy skills. Wycliffe partners with local people groups for community, literacy and church development, in order to provide a wide range of benefits for the people. 

Today, there are almost 2,100 groups with no access to Scripture in their native tongue, and every day, people from these people groups die apart from Christ. Wycliffe has adopted Vision 2025 - an initiative with a mission to begin translation work in all remaining languages by 2025. This goal will require substantial resources, and all proceeds from the Matt Tillman Worship CD will go towards this vision. 

I am fundraising to cover production costs for recording a live CD of gospel-saturated music for believers' worship. The total budget is $4,200.00. Your gift is not tax deductible, as I am not a nonprofit organization. All funds donated will be used to cover production costs for the worship CD. This includes the costs for musicians, audio recording and CD production. After the live recording, CDs will be sold. All profits will benefit Wycliffe Bible Translators, a ministry which focuses on translating the gospel to the native tongue of unreached people groups.


Wycliffe Bible Translators